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“I have undeniably one of the coolest jobs in the world designing, first and foremost, homes for my clients but also ones that are cool and modern.”

kree8 Design Inc. has spawned from my desire to pursue that passion for modern residential homes here in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2008, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of design practices and a number of clients in designing their dream home. I started kree8 in 2012 in a hobbyist capacity and it has grown ever since to form what it is today: a full-time design studio geared toward designing thoughtful and beautiful modern homes here in the city of Vancouver and its surrounding regions.

so, what is kree8?   
Simply put, it's: modern residential design. These are the guiding design principles at kree8. Modern: looking beyond the celebrated tradtiional homes of the past, evolving their internal and external functions, and growing them to suit our timeless Pacific Northwest vernacular with simple forms and minimalistic lines. Residential: a building that holds spaces within that function and flow effectively and efficiently for its occupants. Design: a curated process that thoughtfully marries the first two principles with the lifestyles of the homeowners.

Aside from all the talented architects around the world, I like to keep my eyes on local modern residential architecture in the Pacific Northwest; however, there are many home designs in countries around the world that have a similar climate to our’s here in Vancouver that conjure up even greater inspiration!

renewed vision
Although traditional architecture still dominates our streetscapes, my belief is that we must move beyond what has already been achieved and established architecturally here in our city and step forward with a renewed vision of what modern residential architecture should be.

Janvin Lowe, founder of kree8 Design Inc.

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