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“I have undeniably one of the coolest jobs in the world designing, first and foremost, homes for my clients but also ones that are cool and modern.”

Janvin Lowe, founder of kree8 Design Inc.

kree8 Design Inc. has spawned from the desire to pursue the design of modern residential homes here in Metro Vancouver. Since 2008, Janvin has been fortunate enough to have worked with a number of design practices as well as a number of homeowners in designing their dream homes.  Originally started off in 2012 in a hobbyist capacity, kree8 Design Inc. has now grown to become a full-time design studio geared toward designing thoughtful and beautiful modern homes here in the city of Vancouver and its surrounding regions.


our focus

Simply put, we design custom homes - new or renovated.  

Our clientele are homeowners who have found their forever property and are wishing to compliment it with a home that is specifically catered to their familial needs and lifestyles. And that is why we take special pride in designing the following types of homes for our clients:

□  single family residences
□  duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes
□  laneway houses, coach houses and infills
□  energy efficient and cost-effective designs

When it comes to designing homes, we make every effort to take an holistic approach that includes attributes that are inherent to the property - solar orientation, slopes, potential views, existing trees - all of which contribute to a thoughtful and valued home design for our clients.


our scope

In order to design the homes of our clients' dreams, we not only need to understand and listen to their needs and translate them into floor plans, but we also need to be able to interpret the by-laws and building codes that govern home construction and then design their houses accordingly. In addition to possessing these attributes, our scope of work typically includes the following services:

□  property and zoning analysis
□  interior floor plan layouts in 2D CAD
□  exterior architectural designs in 2D and/or 3D
□  liaison with local municiaplities for building permit applications and local inquiries
□  preparing building permit application packages for new and renovated homes
□  submitting buiding permit applications on behalf of our clients


our vision

Although traditional architecture and forms are still prevalent amongst our residential streetscapes, our belief at kree8 is that the lifestyle and flow of today's homeowners within their homes, coupled with the advancement in construction methods and materials have evolved enough where designing a traditionally-styled home may no longer be a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Our vision at kree8 Design Inc. is therefore to design modern homes that :

□  fully understand and satisfy the needs of our clients with respect to their personal and social spaces
□  allow the functions within the house to guide the form of the house (form-follows-function approach)
□  always strive for and promote forward-thinking designs (future-proofing)
□  consider all factors and constraints to determine the optimal layout of spaces and heights

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