2016 | Private Residence – Vancouver, BC (West Point Grey)

Site Area:  4,027 sq. ft.
Built Area: 2,750 sq. ft.
Builder:  CMGT Construction Group


December 17, 2017  /  Fast-forward 7 months and all of the permit process hurdles, and CMGT has forged ahead and constructed the framing of the house without seemingly taking a breath! You can definitely get a sense of the modern aesthetics  we’re aiming for. The homeowner loves it – do you?  Comment down below and/or share this with someone who’d be interested.


May 12, 2017  /  Further snail-paced signs of progress for the building permit application review – the Landscape department has requested an arborist report for the neighbour’s tree which is within the limits of the City’s requirement of needing an arborist to step in to provide a tree protection barrier design.


April 12, 2017  /  Signs of progress for the building permit application review – the Salvage and Abatement permit has been issued!  This is not always a good sign but one nonetheless as the technical review is not reliant on this (from a certain point of view). It’s essentially the stage in which the builder has its environmental trades begin the removal of any hazardous materials in the existing home before we’re given the green light to demolish the house.


December 19, 2016  /  The application for building permit has been submitted for this project!  That’s definitely a milestone to be celebrated – however, that is quickly quashed by the reality that it’ll be 6 or so months before hearing back from the city (of Vancouver) on the status of the application.

The goal of this design was to create just as modern and stunning a design as the 2015 Point Grey modern residence but with a totally revamped look – one you’d never guess had the same floor plan as the 2015 house. Have a sneak peek of the resulting house below – enjoy! Feel free to comment down below or to share this with anyone you know who’d be interested!



July 28, 2016  /  Design development for this project was more of a study than it was of a development. The homeowner and builder were really keen on the design of the 2015 Point Grey modern residence but didn’t want a rehash of the same house just a few doors down the block. Result:  exterior facade and massing study!



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