2012 | Private Residence – Vancouver, BC (Kerrisdale) – Completed

Site Area:  4,845 sq. ft.
Built Area:  3,268 sq. ft.
Builder:  CMGT Construction Group

horiz_lineNestled in the heart of Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood, this intimate house, although it didn’t require it at the time but was rather requested by the clients, took several design cues from the neighbouring character houses within the area in order for it to have absolutely no issues blending in.

Being a landlocked lot where the lot is flanked on all sides, except the front, by adjacent lots with no lane, the house had to be designed in a way that accommodated for both a driveway that fits the city’s minimum width requirements along one side of the lot and a garage located at the rear. To further compound this challenge, the side that made the most sense for the driveway was flanked by a line of medium-growth trees, which if not carefully considered, could eventually tear up any type of concrete or asphalt pavement for a driveway. The strategy for the driveway surface was brick pavers that enabled rainwater to seep through between the joints so as to water the roots so they aren’t constantly moving and searching for moisture – this will place less stress on the surface of the driveway. And if there were any significant movements in the roots, at least the pavers can be reset instead of having to repave the driveway.  As for the garage, to enable a sufficient amount of space between the garage and the main house, a clause in the by-laws allowed for the house to be located closer to the street so as to give that extra breathing room between the two buildings.

Conveniently located in a zoning district of Vancouver that allowed for greater heights for a single family house if you agreed to pitch the roof enough, the cross-gabled roof of the house was pushed to its height limit of 10.7m (35.1ft)! As such, this even allowed for a nice reading nook to be designed into the attic space – a perfect oasis away from the noise and bustle of the main and bedroom levels.





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